8 wheel radial
The last surviving NSWGR 8 wheel radial carriage on display at Goulburn - 24 May 1969 - Now preserved at NSW Rail museum at Thirlmere
XYZ set
VR 'Vintage carriages' now known as the XYZ set on display at Spencer St. station - January 1979
34 BE
VR 'E' series carriage in air-conditioned format standing at Spencer St. station - March 1982
VR 'heavyweight' dining car standing at Spencer St. station - March 1982
VR air-conditioned 'E' series Buffet car being added to Melbourne bound train at Bendigo - circa 1977
29 AW
VR 'W' series carriage in freshly outshopped condition at Spencer St. station - 22 July 1977
SA sitting carriage for Indian Pacific or Ghan services stabled at Keswick terminal - December 1987
The last carriage built for use by Commissioner for Railways NSW on display at Sydney Terminal - January 1978
Small four wheel vehicle as part of a Work's train at Scarborough NSW - May 1979
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